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Chart Attack

Chart Attack

6-54-09_02-06-10It’s A Quarter After One, I’m A Little Drunk, And I Need You Now

Taylor Swift was a breath of fresh air the moment she appeared on the charts with Fearless. For those of us that were watching her fairytale unfold, which saw her become the biggest selling artist in the US last year, there was no doubt that the world was a different place with the consumption of her sweet, girly, country-tinged tunes taking priority over many of the slick trend-humping pop singers that we’re usually bombarded with.

It probably comes down to good timing then that Lady Antebellum should appear to wave the country flag (pretty light, non-offensive, radio-friendly country, but country nonetheless) proudly on the charts all the way down here. This week the band debut at number one on the albums chart and their song Need You Now moves up to number five on the singles chart. It seems to just be a water-down effect after the band sold 481,000 copies of their album in its first week in the states after getting lucky and appearing on the Grammy’s a week earlier. Need You Now has had 14 million views on YouTube and I’m in doubt that the band are going to go away anytime soon either considering that Need You Now also enters the top 10 airplay chart this week, meaning that it’s getting play on a broad spectrum of radio stations right now.

Hayley Williams must be having the toughest week of her life right now after her phone was allegedly hacked and a topless picture of her was posted on her Twitter page. It’s not the easiest situation for someone in her position to get into (lesson: don’t take photos of yourself if you’re famous) but it doesn’t seem to be affecting her popularity all that much considering that Airplanes is still at number one.